Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was cooking and farming (literally) everything he could.  One day, at least one full crafting level in Cook and Farmer. It was a mad run. Purchase seeds, fertilizers, water, craft one field, get harvest, repeat repeat repeat. Then crfat any quick food, delete it, make farmer stuff…and so untill crafting level is done.

This was my serious mistake. I made it to the Cooking Guild. And then it became clear I wasted many stuff I would need. Had to replant, recraft. And then it was a huge run for reputation items. These are called Pastries and require many ingredients. I was running out of inventory space, had to purchase many materials and finally store all reputation items stuff in my vault.

The end of the weekend was – Supreme level in Cook, still Master in Farmer.

Lesson for those who want to be guilded Cooks: before you even start joining, check lotro-wiki.com. Write down every single stuff you will need for patterns. Craft this stuff only, do not waste time for anything else. When the time comes, you will have superiority. I missed this lesson and now am paying with huge grind.

Vytautas was able to help one Champion in killing named monster in Evendim. Easy for me, not so easy for one player. All I asked was simple: show me the way and let me kill. Also, did Featured instance runs.

Stormsong did Featured instance runs. Deposited scrolls. Vytautaz -once again, him- now has Devastating Strike increased, lacking only few levels to the top. Then, I will start increasing Might.

My days are busy again, I have less time than I think I would need. But it does make sense and one day I would finish my Cook.

Probably then would have to grind Anfalas scrolls for Naktieskarys. Adventures in Lotro are just never-ending and it is really good.