Lord of the rings online

Stormsong once again did Featured instance, once again some valuable Anfalas scrolls. Later tried to help one group with Fire and (something). Unfortunately, instance was bugged, we missed 1 statue of Sauron. We quit, disbanded, regroupped – only to find 3/4 of idols. Instance failed.

Vytautaz did two Featured instance runs. Loot was nice: one account-bound Ithilien essence box. Would keep them for Stormsong and when(if) RNG from them is gone, would use.

Vytautaz also enjoyed Anfalas scrolls: right now, I have maxed Raging Blade tiers, working with Might and Devastating strike. Each means almost 20 scrolls: probably one legacy at a time…Also, deconstructed and crafted relics – something that takes money and gives random stuff in exchange.

Naktieskarys was passive – he is underequipped toon, almost parked.

My strategy is more than clear: grind Anfalas scrolls for Vytautaz, maybe even employing Naktieskarys. When idle, get Vytautaz to work with Cook (well, to craft some Legendary items stuff and it would take time to max reputation with the guild).

What happens next? Oh, not to worry: ~200 Anfalas scrolls for Naktieskarys’ rune, tens of them for Axe. Spring festival – grind for Anfalas crystals and Essence removal scrolls.

In short, things are going well in Lotro. Plenty of activity to keep me occupied.