Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did daily instances, got some scrolls and nothing else of any value. Vytautaz did too, only two scrolls and one trash essence. Naktieskarys did two runs, got few scrolls (nothing valuable, as usual).

Naktieskarys aided one group with killing stuff in Grand Stairs. Stormsong participated in In Their Absence. Finished Lost temple, now have to go to grumpy Lossoths.

Vytautaz needs tons of scrolls, so does Naktieskarys. But first, Vytautaz, every effort is directed towards him.

Meanwhile developers made an interview with mmorpg.com. The future is soooo bright, everything goes ok, players are enthusiastic. Sometimes I wonder if players and developers share same galaxy…
Flora system will continue: despite almost everybody against, despite forums (official!) exploding from negative feedback. We will have two regions (presumably – with heavy lag) and Tower of teeth and also 2 new instances, for solo (???) or Fellowship.

Developers do not tell what many players want to hear. About improvements in relic forging (no developer has ever tried this with thousands of relics). About removing of floral system. About removing RNG with its absurd no-chances. Instead we keep getting PR about how bright the future is.

I do not trust developers that much. They do not play game, they do not know what challenges players face, they do not know how and why players feel. And they believe RNG is exciting. It isn’t. For example, I no longer care about Ithilien essences as long as they are RNG-based. Give me tons of them or let choose 50 silver for each Greater essence: I would choose silver. I abandoned flowers because they took so much time and I get nothing of any importance.

However, the game goes on, I still can help people and grow up my Vytautaz. Not everything is hopeless in Lotro…