Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active: did both featured instance runs (we have Sari Surma now), received 3 Anfalas scrolls, 1 trash essence and some trash. Asked people if they needed help, but they didn’t.

Vytautaz used Anfalas scrolls, then played with relics. I am refining low tier ones into valuable shards and all pre-tier 9 are made into tier 9 / tier 10. Then I rode to Ethnir, turned in task items. Finally, I am starting to use hoarded Shattered Hatchets and other things that were taking lots of bank space. Finally, I would advance my reputation.

Vytautaz being almost perfectly equipped, it’s high time to re-equip Stormsong. She needs to have strong dps. Kinnies are really helpfull with calculations there. Of course, would need more numbers and calculations.

What I need right now: to wait untill March and then run Spring festival quests. After all, still have 18 Anfalas crystals to grind. And then – few hundred Anfalas scrolls. “What happens next?” – someone would ask. Next would come very simple solution: Stormsong and Vytautaz would supply Naktieskarys with essences, crystals, scrolls. Next – Vytautaz joins some guild to become a quality Cook and cook essences (yes, Cooks can cook Morale essences. Just don’t ask me why).

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.