Lord of the rings online

New update has been confirmed. We get new race – High Elves. Flower extracts are promised to be bound to account. Housing: we would have opportinity to turn everything by some degrees. I care little about this update: am satisfied with current race and class, not going to pick flowers or dive into housing. But if this brings more customers, it’s ok.

Vytautaz finally bartered some Supreme Physical mastery essences (tier 7) and is over-equipped with them. I left 2 slots: one equipped with Supreme Might,a nother intentionally left empty. Our kinnie who has instructed me was satisfied with setup. I am quite good, just cooldown of some skills is still lousy.
Vytautaz also finished Dead Marches quest line and gained reputation with Dol Amroth docks. Finished all quests for Swan Knights. Now, I am free to do any quests because they won’t give Lotro points + I don’t care about Physical masteries anymore (unless I get thousands of Bank tokens and would get few Greater essences).
New grind ahead: I imbued my Legendary rune. Used all remaining Anfalas crystals, applied all Legacy tier upgrades and Anfalas scrolls…still lacking crystals and hundreds of scrolls.

Stormsong just helped some people and posted some trash on Auction house. I was glad I could help others.

Naktieskarys crafted one lvl.75 sword and that’s all.

Now, I am in a crossroads. Vytautaz needs another load of ~200 Anfalas scrolls and some crystals. Stormsong needs quality essences and there is no foreseeable discount on Universal solvent. What I think I would do is: park Vytautaz, letting him to grind for Pelagir reputation (Ethring town task board) and grind every single Anfalas scroll.
Naktieskarys is just a poor (30 gols…) toon, not taking action in anything, probably with wrong setup.

However, there is still plenty of other activity (example: grind Lotro points…) and if situation turns good – featured instances. Situation is still good in Lotro.