Lord of the rings online

Finally – settled in Dol Amroth. Had very little time to play, so just one toon was active.

Vytautaz turned in Dol Amroth task items, did one daily run for Dol Amroth Bank. For some reason I am preserving Bank tokens: could barter, since I have tons of them, for Fighter box to get a chance for Greater essence. Supremes are somewhat expensive for me.

Right now my toons have little to do. Featured instance is laggy 12-man run. I have done almost everything I could.

Plans for future are clear: Dol Amroth kindred, Return to DA skill; then Gondor slayer deeds, Ringlo Vale reputation. Kinship aid: would need with Warbands and maybe Roving Threats.  Possible stuff – grinding reputation with any other faction that accepts Shattered Hatchets.

And so the day has ended, kind of good in Lotro.