Lord of the rings online

I am finally at the PC. Two days of silence. Why – you ask. Well, had to move to another department, only now got my PC ready.

Weekend and last days in Lotro were quite good.

Vytautaz was running and doing epic. Scouting, gathering, finally – walking with Gimli and Legolas. We had to move quickly, but this is not for Gimli, he needs to rush with Dwarven battlecry. Ended up in calling it really quietly…

Finally, Black gate. Scouting it, observing 2 Nazguls and horde of monsters. We are near. Short conversation about plans of enemy about Aragorn…and epic quest ends. I am left with Osgiliath (which is not an option…so far).

Level 105, finally.

As always, we chat and joke in Kinship, folks keep asking how am I, “Mr. Grumpy” feeling. Not so grumpy, I have enough activity to be occupied with. Kindred with Dol Amroth. Grind Kindred with Ringlo Vale. Then, maybe – other factions. Maybe do dailies for bank tokens, barter Warrior boxes for a chance to get essences.

What happens next? Little idea. I need essences, many of them – equip, then wait for quality Featured instance, grind Anfalas scrolls.

So far, so good in Lotro. And work in new department is quite interesting, although I would be more busy and thus – less time for game.