Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. I tried to rush and finish epic content. It’s boring and quick, after all.

Not quite. I was wrong.

Most of the content was a real boredom. Talk to this, find that, kill these…blah blah blah. Then, final charge of Rohirrim. Famous “spearhead” formation, known from movies.
And then, final showdown for Theoden. Nazgul, Theoden and Eowyn. Nazgul slain, then I saw deaths of some other Rangers (somehow no pity for rangers…too noobish). Eowyn “dead”, that was the real blow for me.
Then we had cries, fights, one Ranger sacrificed himself for the sake of final victory.

Redirection: one to Minas Tirith/Ostgiliath after battle, some runs there and here. Finally, cutscene with Aragorn departing from liberated Osgiliath…and I had to quit, it was some 00:30 in Lithuania.

This content…I kind of liked it. Probably never done before. Some nice rewards (Anfalas crystals, scrolls ef empowerement). Tried to visit culverts…but can’t access them in Osgiliath-after battle. Oh, rewards also included Anorien (tier 8) essence-box. Would be cool for my Stormsong. Other rewards – valuable reputation items I could barter for Ithilien essences.

Not so bright news: there is no market for essences I need. No at all. No chance to get Greater ones. No spare shards/solvents to craft. And nobody wants to exchange ones I have to ones I need. Auction house value is 10 gold maximum. Started to delete all tier 7 major essences.

In short, fighting goes good, there is much content ahead (I suppose) to keep me busy.
I am NOT going to do any flower grind on any toon. This would provide false data to developers and give nothing to me: Ithilien essences are still a headache.

And so, they day has ended – quite good in Lotro.