Lord of the rings online

Yule festival has ended. Did not take part, failed some quests and did not receive some essence fragments.

Vytautaz was the only active. DOing every single epic quest. Missed only one – redirection to Dead Marches. Quests brought me ot Osgiliath.

Yes, same impossible to enter Osgiliath. Kinnies once again offered help, but I will just wait for lvl.110 and then enter this fortress free.

Then, laggy Minas Tirith. Everything lags, loads very slowly. Texts I do not bother to read. Go there, pick this, use that and not caring about text. Tell whatever you need, I don’t care. I need rewards, these were nice (2 Anfalas, some scrolls of empowerement). Also, did some fights there and here.

Had to delete tens of tier 7 Major essences. Nobody needed them to exchange to ones I needed. Nobody told about market price. So, the only solution – delete. Also started auto-deleting “Dual essence box”, these were giving only trash. Kin did not understand this, but if I explain to them – they surely would understand.

One kinnie – our expert in Champions – aided with the last 2 Big Battles. 2 battles, 2 trait points, tons of LI xp.

After finishing Minas Tirith quests – reward, once cool cloak. Added Supreme Might essence to it. Also, got some imbued LI legacies replacement scrolls (2 units) – an option I could use on my legendary Rune.

Overall – mostly good news for me. Things are going good, flower picking would ever be an option, purchasing any new content too. So, the weekend was good in Lotro.