Lord of the rings online

Today: January 13. A day of remembrance in Lithuania, one I would never forget.

1991, cold night of January 13. Thousands of unarmed people gathered near TV station, Parliament. Their only weapons – flags and songs and some bonfires to get warm. Soviet army marching, trying to supress freedom.
And then – tanks near TV station, Soviet special forces firing at people, tanks and armoured vehicles firing too. Tens of dead, hundreds of wounded – and later, Soviet TV proudly announces that those Lithuanians were firing at themselves, what a shame.
We became free. Soviet Mordor collapsed, burrying saurons and orcs. Free people were triumphant.

So…about Lotro anyway.

Stormsong did Featured Instance. Quite nice runs, loot – one Tome of Agility 8 dropped. Then Yule quests.

Vytautaz was one who was really busy.
First – epic, regional quests in Gondor. Quite nice ones, have to admit…but I pay almost zero attention to texts. Blah-blah-blah, find this, blah-blah, kill that, deliver these, ok, finish.
Kinship made one lvl.102 Featured instace run for me. As always they are really nice.
I have finally reached Dol Amroth. Lots of quests there, lots of xp, reputation. There, near white buildings of this city I once again asked for help about my Legendary weapons. Two kinnies adviced me, we talked about everything. Our kinship is really excellent with this. Result – I finally imbued my lvl.100 sword. Added all Anfalas crystals I could. Used all Anfalas scrolls. Now, my weapon is almost perfect for combat and all these days of insane grinds paid off. Legendary rune still requires some work, some legacies – but I am not afraid of work and grind.
Legendary rune requires some work and I am slowly doing to. Using Anfalas scrolls to upgrade desired legacies. Using Anfalas crystals (still need more of these).
Reputation with Dol Amroth is easy. I am at the last deed (to reach Kindred). And my slayer deeds are not finished yet.
My tactic is very clear: upgrade and imbue my Rune, finish all content in Gondor (maybe except DA daily quests) and then quickly run remaining epic.

And so the day has ended – very good in Lotro.