Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance runs, got some Anfalas scrolls, then did Yule grinds.

Vytautaz continued questing, this time was a bit busy with Corsairs. Need to kill 120 of them for simple, 240 – for advanced slayer deed. I advanced my trash LIs to lvl.50, then deconstructed one to get required legacy. My own Rune is still far from perfect (weapon almost is). Jewellery: am lucky enough to equip with reccomended one, though I would probably leave some place for supreme Might and Morale essences. You know, just in case…
To be frank: I quest almost automatically. Receive quest, do not read,press “ok” and run to kill/collect. It’s Gondor, there is no need to actually read.

Developers prolonged Yule (we have “Yule encore”, Jan.15-17). And then, there was an interview with Cordovan. Oh my, it was something.
Flower system is ok. Cordovan does not see any grind there.
Mordor expansion is on schedule, fight at/near The Black Gate.
Essences bound to account is ok, since “who crafts, gets”.
They may add some “old ingredients” to crafting.
PvMP almost ignored.
Class revamp possible.

In short, developers demonstrated they fail to listen. Even their most loyal forum members make negative comments. Flower system is just bad, it needs to go…but not for developers. They do not play their characters. You know, they could create whatever lvl toon they want with whatever equipment they need. They do not grind every Lotro point, they do not hunt every rare crafting material.

Yes, we would have senseless grind in the name of senseless grind. We would have developers that does not actually play their game. We would have company that does not listen to customers.

Well, despite this – questing/fighting day was good, I have enough Anfalas scrolls to max one weapon and advance another. Now only run for some LI legacies and I am good to imbue two weapons.