Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued his journey in Western Gondor. Doing quest after quest, finishing regional quests, killing stuff. I do enjoy Oathbreakers deed – already doing Advanced one. Animal slayer is still low (~50/100), Corsairs and bandits slow too. But it will be finished, there is no problem in Gondor with Corsairs or animals.
Met an old friendly NPC – drunkard Jajax. Such interesting drunkard, ready to abandon captured town (only to look for another one to pillage). One quest rewarded me with valuable Anfalas scroll of Delving.

Vytautaz is also updating his equipment – adding some Supreme essences, chaning old jewellery to new one (when I have what to put there, of course). I am using reputation items I loot to increase reputation with Dol Amroth..and level up LIs.

Featured instances are going good, getting some essences and Anfalas scrolls.

In short, things are going good. I have plenty (sometimes – even too much) activity, my Vytautaz becomes stronger every day. The only thing I lack are shards (tens of thousands of them) to fully equip Vytautaz with.