Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did some Yule quests (did not finish…shame on me) and ran Featured Instance. Now it is Iorbar’s Peak, 3-man one. Almost quick, I did both runs with some mediocre results.

Vytautaz continued to quest in Gondor (Western one…this is how Dol Amroth side is called). This time I am wiser: first of all, I kill all the ghosts-oathbreakers I meet. First deed was quick. Advanced one (200) is harder, but still doable – after all, I have paths of the dead with plenty of Oathbreakers. I managed toi get to one village with wounded peasant and now it would take some runs to get him recovered and avenging Bandits that wounded him.

Managed to barter some un-needed tier 7 essences to needed ones. Now my toon is stronger, with much more Physical Mastery. Also, crafted 2 relics to slot into LIs.
Exchange was interesting. Turned out I met player whom I previously helped, he offered essences for free. No, not an option, I help for free, not accepting payments of any kind. The only ‘payment’ I want and would ask: got help, give help to others, when you are big strong top-level.

Was happy enough to aid two players: one Czech and one from Poland. As I speak their languages, I was able to explain about crafting and some instance drops. At least some use from me.

Now it is time for me to work on my Legendary items, make all correct legacies, craft all possible settings/runes/whatever…and imbue. For that I have >130 Anfalas scrolls and getting more every single day. I have my plan, it is very clear: do every slayer quest possible before Dol Amroth. Finish all possible deeds before I leave Dol Amroth.

So, my toons have plenty of job. Featured Instances, Yule, deeds on Vytautaz. Life is full of activity and I am satisfied of it.