Lord of the rings online

Weekend: the time Vytautaz got to level 100. Yes, I went to Gondor, started local epic quests, then continued to regional ones. Prior to that – explored Paths of the dead (1 time killed by two banner-carrying ghosts). Gondor is not that fascinating for me.

Slayer deeds: started. Finished ghost slaying deed (well, another 200 awaiting…), a bit of beast slayer, some of exploration. Tried to kill Oathbreakers’ warband, failed. Killed another, only small fellowship warband. Then I had running forwards and backwards, kiling spiders, recovering barrels and getting too close to Tarlags Crown.

Naktieskarys crafted 2-handed lvl.100 sword. One very kind kinnie, expert on Champions – armour and jewellery. He also was really kind to craft lvl.100 jewellery. And if that was not enough – adviced about Essences, which one to equip. Adviced about weapon legacies too. At the same time he was helping other kinnies.

I got some minor doubts about legacies: he uses many AoE legacies while I am single-target champion. He uses various crafted stuff my Vytautaz can’t get – he is not a crafter. Yet – I am equipped with many cool essences, now need to rework my own weapons.

My Festival-earned Anfalas crystals were used on the sword. Soon, when I imbue, I would use all my Anfalas scrolls to max LI. That’s what I have been working day after day, run after run. Makes me feel confident.

Well, managed to aid one lower lvl. kinnie: at least some help from me. Hard to offer help anybody: while kinnie asks, while I respond – someone already offers help, I am outperformed. As you see, life is hard in The Family…(joking).

Featured Instances are going well, I am getting some usable essences, Anfalas scrolls. One time got trashy essence, wanted to trash…and asked for market price. Somebody told – plz give me before trashing. That was for Warden experiment and Warden is Taltoz’ class. Essence was given to that Warden.

Now my Vytautaz is eligible for Featured instances.

Stormsong and Naktieskarys ran Featured instances and Yule quests. Naktieskarys almost finished his legendary axe legacies, minor one only remaining.

Life in Lotro is going good. I quest, I have many things to do and Kin life is full of activity.