Lord of the rings online

Once again, standard job. Stormsong: 2 featured instances; loot included Ithilien essence box. One that is almost guaranteed to have lame essence. Left for better days (well, they would be forced to remove these lame non-existent chance to get normal essence…). Yule quests. Some 400 tokens and almost nothing to barter them for.
Vytautaz: Yule dailies, getting closer to another Anfalas crystal. Already 130 Anfalas scrolls (enough for only one LI).
Naktieskarys: Yule dailies, getting closer to Anfalas crystal. Featured instance runs, one legacy almost fully upgraded…another, mostly useless, still awaits.
Ahelissa:no activity.

Stormsong tried to aid one player in Angmar. By the time I went there, they had finished instance. My ride was in wane.

In World chat there was big discussion about “Sauron the good”. I met folks, real experts in Tolkien lore. They almost proved Sauron was bad. Well, I will still joke about “Sauron the good” and Mordor’s “multicultural society”.

Vytautaz is getting closer to magic level 100. One when he will go through Paths of Dead. Receive, imbue, upgrade to max his Legendary weapon. Start doing Featured instances. Slowly finish all slayer/exploration deeds of Gondor. Use almost all Dol Amroth tokens for reputation.

Do I await Gondor and all new regions? No. It’s grind, it’s lag, it’s not inspiring. I know where my questing would stop (at Ost Giliath) and that after Yule I would be forced to grind for lame flowers.

However, so far I have plenty of activity, I have my kin  – I have everything I need. Life is still good in Lotro.