Lord of the rings online

I have realized Lotro became almost a work for me. Log Naktieskarys, run Yule quests, run 2 Featured instance quests, upgrade LI. Log Stormsong, run Yule quests, run 2 Featured instance quests, deposit Anfalas scrolls. Log Vytautaz, run Yule quests, take out deposited Anfalas scrolls. Lof Ahelissa, run Yule quests.

For Stormsong, Yule tokens are almost irrelevant. It’s Ithilien resources that matter.  Vytautaz grinds for Anfalas crystals, still lacking some (have 15 out of 22 needed). Ahelissa just grinds, she won’t be doing anything serious. And Naktieskarys grinds for Anfalas + uses every single scroll he finds.

Northcotton farm runs were nice and effective, pity rewards were lame. Essence of parrying and some trash socketed armour I would never use.

We talked about flower picking. I try to avoid this as much as possible. Senseless thing, needed only for my Stormsong. And yes, I will not use new essences. Chance of getting gold is almost non-existent, so why waste gold on trash? I will wait untill developers make at least 1 available way to get guaranteed gold for f2p without required quest pack.

I do wait for Vytautaz’ level 100. Then, I craft myself new 2-handed sword, quickly level it up, get all legacies I need, imbue it and use all stuff on it.  At level 100 I am free to reacvh lvl.105.

And so grindy day has ended.