Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did standard Yule runs, then participated in FI runs. Northcotton farm, one that is better for ranged dps. I did quite well, earned Yule tokens with zero ideas where to spend them.

Vytautaz did Yule festival, received more Anfalas scrolls and bartered 1 Anfalas crystal at Yule barterer. I have enough scrolls to max one Legendary weapon (lvl.100, imbued). Of course, would need another hundreds for legendary rune. And another tens of Anfalas crystals.

Naktieskarys was passive: too little time to play, had to have some real life sleep.

There is a rumour Turbine would change RNG for new essences. We had 10% chance – i.e., 9/10 your resources are wasted, making this crafting nonsense. Now developers are “increasing” this to 25%, which means 75% failure chance. Oh great developers that actually never play game and never have to grind! Of course, they may script themselves whatever they need – from lvl.1 Saruman with 10 health to Anfalas crystals dropping from every monster.  They don’t need to care about money, TP, efficiency. So they have no idea about this grind without sense. 25% success is equal to 2,5% and is equal to 0,25%.

I wish they received thei salary like this. 25% of salary in US dollars, cash or bank transfer. 75% – in some lottery. Would they sign for it?

Well, that only means I won’t be crafting new essences and won’t have enough money (tens of thousands) to buy them.

And so the day has ended – almost good in Lotro, bit uneasy in real life.