Lord of the rings onlin

Stormsong did daily runs in Yule festival, getting hundreds of tokens (and nowhere to spend them). Also, ran Featured instance – thios time, Northcotton farm. Loot was almost entirely Anfalas scrolls.

I enjoyed this Featured instance: it is nice for my ranged Minstrel and even my heals may be usefull there. It’s 3-man instance, so almost no lag.

And then one player came. He asked for help earlier, and I was to help him in killing boos at Forges of Khazad Dum. He was Hunter, so we ran killing monsters. Also, there was almost no need to tell him what to do (except – staying alive).

We killed all monsters. My Hunter died maybe 3 times. 1 time things got bugged: monster fell to lava, we were in combat…but soon things restared. Then, final boss…and no monster we needed to kill.

Strange feeling: we stand in empty room, no more monsters to kill and nobody to help. Gamemaster soon arrived: man, with + before his nick, he hailed us. I saluted him, he stood and soon changed sometyhing in this quest. I could not interact (sent tell, even heal) him, the red-dressed man.

It became clear there was only one thing missing: since my friend was a Hunter and quest was for Loremaster…we needed Loremaster. Then, we should see some brazier that spawsn Fire grim with huge AoE attack. Next time we would be victorious.

Ahelissa quested in festival, recevied 1 Ithilien candle + managed to aid one player in crafting lvl.80 gloves. At least some usage of my toon.

Vytautaz now has some 120 Anfalas scrolls and really dire need to become lvl.100. Then, he could use almost all Anfalas scrolls and all crystals to have the weapon imbued and with right legacies.

Oh yes, we also joked in Kin and World chat, atmosphere was just nice.

And so the day has ended – a bit tired, but still good in Lotro.