Lord of ther rings online

First of all – Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone! May your hits always crit, may your xp flow like Anduin and may you always enjoy beautiful landscape of Lord of the rings.

2016 was the year of The Family kinship. I found my family there, friendly-experienced people. Ones that would never hesitate to aid with whatever needed: advice, quest, advance deed, crafting. We were (are and will be…) doing old instances for deeds. Helping other kinnies is still a competition – who would come first?
Lotro has brought some disappointments. First of all – new Gondorish content. You know, all Gondors, Ithiliens, Anoriens. Forced fellowship/raid content, impossible to enter fortresses. Grumpy landscape. Huge lags in Minas Tirith/Pelenor fields. Epic quest in Minas Tirith like “talk to lame NPC in floor A, then talk to Gandalf at level K, run to another NPC at level Z”. End-game is now lame flowers, one of the biggest disappointments (and RNG essences).
Featured instance was something that gave me relief. I do them daily, I collect Anfalas scrolls. Also, I was preparing my Vytautaz for an end-game content. Doing almost every single deed, grinding Lotro points so that he enters Gondors armed.

In short – last year was mostly a good one. I have some doubts about Lotro’s future (could be, 2018 may be the last year), but while it lasts – I will stay there and ride in the gree fields of my favourite Rohan, greeting rising sun with my sword.