Lord of the rings online

First of all – Merry Christmas everyone! Despite all the bad events this year (ending with Princess Leia dead).

And now, up to Lotro. My toons are active at Yule festival grinding every single token. Stormsong, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz, Ahelissa – all are working. Well, Ahelissa not so…remaining are at work.

I abandoned “Charitable spirit” quest and started doing “Moving them off” instead. Not so nice to kick poor people away, but it means +4 tokens daily, not -5. Tokens are used for Stormsong’s mount (now I have this pretty “horned” mount) and maybe for mount cosmetics. Naktieskarys and Vytautaz would use these for Anfalas starlit crystals. Ahelissa – well, not sure, one day she would become lvl.100 and would need tons of crystals too.

Also, doing Featurted instance. Just one time had  a problem: electricity disappeared for 1/3 of district, so next day I found my toon in Bree, not Haudth Valandil (and with no rewards). Crafting materials do drop, yesterday had 1 dropped in 3 runs.

I still have few days for holidays – would be nice rest from routine and I would be able to do many things in Lotro. Life is nice once again.