Lord of the rings online

Stormsong, Naktieskarys, Vytautaz were doing Yule deeds, grinding every single token. Stormsong, as usually, did 3 easy Inn association delivery quests. Everything is going ok, except one time there were more players than woodtrolls… And the xp is flowing. I hope to advance Naktieskarys to lvl.105, then do 4 FI runs a day.

Featured instances brought only Anfalas scrolls and 1 essence. Nothing special.

Vytautaz was brough to Skumfil, finished one deed and advanced a bit others. Still need lots of runs to finish “Horror with many legs”.

Meanwhile developers promise to “adjust” essence system. They admit – chance of bartering gold essence was 10% (in reality probably less). So, 90% cases you were receiving trahs and vasting tons of gold. They promise to “adjust”, make some guaranteed chance to get. I can easily predict: would be some tier 3 raid. They won’t make something player friendly.

I am quite happy with Lotro. I have things to do, I am (slowly) advancing Vytautaz to lvl.100 and upgrading his virtues and soon i will get some 3 rare components for newest essence crafting. Festival is good, featured instances may be nice too (if ran on 3 toons).

The only thing I do not trust are SSG promises. Yes, they may increase chances- form 10% to entire 11%. Yes, they may introduce tier 4 challenge that awards. So far these are only empty promises; the only usefull thing – not to rush untill next update.