Lord of the rings online

Stormsong, Naktieskarys and Vytautaz participated in Yule deeds. Unfortunately, this involves “A Charitable spirit”, i.e. losing tokens every single day. I have also tried to open Essence pouches. They mostly drop 1 essence fragment, only one dropped 2. Now, Stormsong ha 4 fragments she could barter.

New essences are causing only negative approach in Lotro forums. Nobody likes double rng, buit developers (no matter now named) won’t make any conclusions. It’s logic and mathematic – something that never received “Like” in Lotro.

However, Yule is nice. A chance to get account-bound Anfalas crystal, nice mount and mount cosmetics. Something to work on, in addition to “special crafting materials”.

Stormsong took part in FI runs, nothing good, just Anfalas scrolls for Vytautaz (he has ~80). Also, helped one player – he has a custom of almost telling to help him with Angmar instances. We ran Urugarth, somehow I managed to finish one deed and gain LP (yes, it’s Lotro points…forget TPs). I also did 3 easiest Inn association delivery quests.

Vytautaz took off Stone of Tortoise, now levelling in Yule, as is Naktieskarys. Vytautaz needs lvl.100 and Naktieskarys- lvl.105 to be achieved.

My directions are very clear: enjoy Yule while grinding tokens/essence fragments. And when Yule ends…well, time to work on virtues, Rohirrim reputation and armour for Vytautaz.