Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured Instances. This time- Fornost, Wraith of Water. One very bad for Minstrels: swamps silence them, so poor Mini is helpless for some time. However, we done these runs, I got only Anfalas scrolls and 1 worthless essence (deleted).

Yule festival quests are doing well. I run 10 of them each single day, now have to include “Charitable spirit”. Have now ish to waste my precious tokens, but have to. In exchange I receive RNG box which may have some essence fragments. After I get enough, I could craft/barter to get RNG chance (extremely slow) of receiving Supreme essence. RNG boxes does not stack.

However, festival is nice, I have plenty of things to barter (Anfalas crystal, nice steed, probably steed cosmetics). Also started Inn Association quests. Begining was lame, I was doing un-necessary runs. Later I realised I could just buy required wine and run directly to receivers. Did 3 quests, earned 3 tokens. Not too much, but still these count. Today I will continue these.

Meanwhile our developers announces that Mordor expansion would bring character redesign: new avatars, new haircuts etc. Players are excited, some are just a bit trolling (“oh, so we are going to have pregnant models?”). Good step, even if a bit risky (some folks won’t like redesign…majority will).

Now I am totally immersed in Yule and featured instance runs. Need every single token, every single crafting material, every single Anfalas crystal.

Side note: made a short intro about the game for one new player. At least explained what epic quests, regional quests and deeds are. Told not to worry about equipment up to lvl.15-20 and that should he need fire support / tailor, weaponsmith, scholar crafting – he may adress me. Had to refuse one player with Angmar quests: was a bit busy.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro. At least some meaningfull activity.