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Lord of the rings online

Good-bye, Turbine, our goodbad developer. All former folk from developers moved to an independent company (someone, please calculate how many kickstarter indies survived?). New name, new Licence agreement, new empty phrases. Yes, TPs would be honoured (renamed to Lotro/DDO points); yes, lifetime subs would be honoured; yes, crew is excited to continue journey. Mithril coins not mentioned, remaining as f2p not mentioned, awarding with TPs not mentioned and actually listening to players not mentioned.

We all know modern PR jargon. Emphasise team work, cooperation, excitement, new challenges and dear valued customers/players. Add how hard would you work and that you will honour anything that was before you. These are just phrases that tells nothing. Like astrology “predictions”, you know.

The fact: Warner Bross had huge funds. WB cound invest into Turbine as much as they wished. The fact: new studio is indie and would be really limited to cash (unless they find some galeon full of gold, of course). The fact: previous developers failed to listen to players. The fact: all previous staff remain.

Lotro, DDO logos still remain on Turbine site. Guess, not for long. I am really sceptical about this. Small indie company without huge investors can’t do miracles.

Meanwhile, we have Upgrade 19.2.
Good news: Big Battle spendable points increased. Yay, nice – upgraded mine toon. Thanks, developers.
Neutral news: Hunter/Warden got changed. No ideas whether for good or bad. Some changes in PvMP – no idea too.
Bad news: everything else. We have new essences and new hard grind. First, we could get a bag of essence fragments (10 frags). 4 frags can be exchanged into a box. And a box has a small chance to dropping supreme. Then, we could craft, requiring extremely rare crafting comopnent (awarded so far in Yule fest for 5 days). New jewellery that costs really much. RNG in the name of RNG and new regions are probably full of players. I will wait untill this madness ends and then just farm those cursed phials.

However, we have Yule and this one is really good. We get bag of essences, we have really nice mount, Anfalas starlit, new cosmetic for warsteed. So many things to buy, I am running out of tokens. This is really exciting and inviting.

My Stormsong ran all Yule quests. Luckily, I got some 140 tokens from previous festivals, so now could afford one crystal. Then i need mount(s), mount cosmetic…and preserve some tokens for future. After Yule, rushed to the Shire, joined Inn league. Oh my, initiation meant heavy drinking (10 quests to drink 6 drinks…ouch). Today I will try delivery quests. This should allow me to get more tokens.

World chat was full of news from the world (rapefugees killing German people: grats, Herr Merkel!), islamist killing Russian ambassador. Also, we discussed new essences, somebody even managed to get one essence within 1 hour and was offering it for 900 gold. That’s how smart guys make money (unlike me).

I have a really hard feeling about Lotro. Unless miracle happens, we may see the end of the game too soon. No big investor, same small team with same communication problems. Same time that failed to read multi-page feedback from their loyal fanboys. Yes, feedback was negative, but wise people would listen even to bad news. Probably we would see Mordor, destroy One Ring and end our journey.

Unless miracle happens, some folks with billions of $ buys our developers, hires more stuff and asks to listen to players and keep solo quests – soloable.

Anyway, it was nice to play Lotro and I know I won’t have another home anywhere.