Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies. Loot was of little use, just Anfalas scrolls – but these will fit to my alts.

Vytautaz was doing Moria and Lothlorien deeds. Finished Nala Dum, finished Lumul Nar, advanced Forges of Khazad Dum and finished Troll slayer in Moria (advanced).

Naktieskarys tried to run Featured Instance, but this turned into disaster. We were three, Burglar, Minstrel and my champion. I was killed every now and then, every enemy was hard for me, I had no self heals, no protective shields, just one bracing attack…and death after death. Dead, retreat, run forward. Dead, retreat, ruin forward. Dead, resurrected, fight, be killed. Dead, retreat…
It was a complete failure. No one died as frequent as me. After yet another defeat I retreated, left fellowship (sorry, kinnies!).

I expressed my thoughts in World chat. I lack health. I lack armour. I lack dps. Damage I can do is just laughable. Of course, I exaggerated when I told I needed some 500,000 hp. Folks asked why – I told it was for Ostgiliath itself. Almost everybody mocked me, but this is pure Lotro style. Ignore data, spit on hard numbers, just enjoy mocking others. Oh well, in our elitists’ world, only elitists exist.

The truth is, one must simply calculate maximum Orc hit size, then calculate how many hits would player receive before Orcs disengage. Well, then add this sum with some “reserve data” to existing player morale. 500.000 is way more than needed (no orc hit with ~10,000 hp).

My personal guess is this sum should be about 100-180 thousand hp. And I really do not care about mumbo-jumbo like armour value, mitigations etc. It’s all about zerging or withstanding one. The point is, to get alive to some safe point at all costs. This is what trolls with extreme luck would never understand. The only 2 alternatives do NOT fit into Turbine description about solo quest:
1) ask friendly hunter to teleport
2) gather group: 2 melee tanks, 1 supportive tank (Champion?), one ranged dps, at least one healer for each mob. All ~100 players rush at all mobs at one time, kill them and one who needs, may enter OG. Impossible, would crash any server.

This made me feel real bad. Champion is spectacular, especially in newbie areas, but of little use in actual combat. lvl.103 champion versus lvl.103 instance mob equals to dead champion. This reminded me of this cursed OG and no chance to enter, how weak all my toon are and that zerging is the only option, there is no strategy in Lotro landscape.

And we await Update 19.2. Discussed this in World/Kin chat. Nobody is excited. Nobody told things like “oh cool, update”. Everyone waits for Yule, nobody cares about 19.2. My personal prediction: another senseless grind, pure rng and other nonsenses. Lotro’s end game is now flowers.

And so weekend has ended: good with instances, Kinship help, but bad with other life in Lotro. I see no bright future for this game, I am lucky not to pay for this rng-flower-stuff.