Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance. Everything went nice, including very first run. We fought well, at the end I received Anfalas starlit crystal, 2 Anfalas scrolls, 1 tier 8 essence. This is the loot I always dreamt about! Second run was just scrolls, but that’s not important. Used crystal on my Minstrel’s book, now there are 3 crystals left.

Vytautas tried to run Fil Gashan with a group. We were fighting good, I enjoyed shing-shing and even more – “Killing spree” (the more I kill, the more health restored). Where normal champion dies in glory, red-trait champion sings “I want to live forever”. All because of our Taltoz advice to go for red line (and eventually for 2-handed weapon). If not him, I would go for classic shing-shing. Unfortunately, had an important phone-call, had to leave.

Naktieskarys went to Forochel, discovered Sari-Surma (5 TPs), then quickly gathered lvl.101 group. Group was entirely ranged and they outperformed me with dps. One time I died, but I had the privilege to be in first line of fire. I was one to engage monster, trying to get its attention.Of course, while I chatted with mob, group range-dps’ed him…Loot was only 1 Anfalas scroll, but even that is good.

Yule festical (and grindy, almost senseless 19.2 Update) is close. I will need Yule tokens, this time thinking about joining Inn league on my Minstrel. The question is – how do I farm tokens? I will need lots of them to get stuff: beautiful mount and maybe some crafting stuff. Will need advice on these too (wiki is of no use).

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.