Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play. Featured instamce – no runs. Later, one tier 2 challenge group. I asked to join, noting I have no xp with t2c. Leader let me in.

We cleared room, proceeding to the very top, to my main mob. Challenge was to kill main mob, without killing 2 his guards.

And then our weak group began to show its weakness. Leader asked me to be yellow line, I reminded I have no xp with that and could be blue (heals) or red (dps). Silence. Asked if I should go dos or heals. One of tanks told – dps – another told heals. Then w discussed if I had “tier 2 mitigations”. Then one Minstrel disconnected, we waited untill he leaves/reconnects. Then w waited to announce in World chat. Then waited again. And again. And again. Almost nobody explained tactic.

It ended naturally – a wipe. I had really limited time and after some 30 minutes of pure disorganized crowd run -after being killed- I left. A pity I entered completely disorganized group without any leader. A good leader would explain – youstand there, switch to N tree, use skills A, B, Z, M on players AB and BC. Bad leader just talks to tanks, leaving everyone else behind. Of course, we failed and this group has potential to fail each time.

Meanwhile: Update 19.2 next Monday, Yule festival – next Monday too. It is obvious, we will get rng based on rng to get rng results. Turbine (nobody doubts it) won’t listen. A pity.

However, today I will have more time to play and maybe even farm poor trolls dor those reputation items.