Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Featured instance runs. Everything went smoothly, I was on my favourite dps mode and dps were good. Loot was just none: 5 Anfalas scrolls. Yes, good addition for Vytautaz’ collection (has some 60, more required)…yet no essences. Folks keep telling drop rate of essences has been greatly reduced after recent update. Oh yes, our dear Turbine that just dreams about how to make players’ life more grumpy and miserable.
No killing of trolls. But I will need those nice reputation items, then – need tol farm Orcs for another items…and finally, barter for some 20 essences.

Naktieskarys tried to do one FI run…and could not, I did not discover Sari Surma yet. A pity.

Had to intervene into one dialogue in World chat. Player told he tested new keyboard, pressed some key to execute macro…and got banned untill December 27. Player went to discuss Turbine’s actions etc. I told several times that such discussion is not allowed and may end in banning those who discuss. Nobody listened, one or two players supported me. Banned person told he was to leave Lotro…but I guess he and his supporters may leave way soon. Why provoke moderators? Want to discuss – write ticket, describe everything and wait for answer.

Vytautaz meanwhile did Skumfil run. Deeds advanced a bit, but I still need few more runs. Meanwhile one solo run ended in Universal solvent loot: nice thing.

Yule festival is approaching. I will need it, for nice mount and (if they introduce) Anfalas crystals. Vytautaz needs them, Naktieskarys will need them and even Stormsong may need few of them. Should they add essences or their reclamation scrolls – would be great.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.