Lord of the rings online

Stormsong finally found what to do: kill trolls in Far Anorien. I spend hours killing them (40,000 hp – doable) and sometimes they drop valuable reputation items. Grind? yes, of course, but not so many complaints. After all, I will need those items to barter essences, “return to…” skill and alike.

We have new Featured instance, this time it is Sari Surma. My Minstrel joined as healer, spamming AoE heals. Only one person died, so mostly I performed adequate (I guess…). Loot is trashy Agility and Critical defense essences + 2 Anfalas scrolls.

Crafted one LI for a player. Yet another time had to explain I did not need gold for crafting. Components – yes, gold – no.

Meanwhile Turbine is preparing Update 19.2. Nerfing Hunter (or so Hunters say). Introducing new essences. In short – it’s pure RNG. Loot for ultra-rare component. Barter for Ithilien essences. Then barter with a almost non-existent chance to get golden essence. Nobody, even in the official forums, is satisfied with that. Chat is unhappy too, but Turbine won’t listen and we would have RNG essence system.

Some usefull fools appeared in the forums. One wants to destroy essence system: leave us with 2 essence slots only. My answer: if you feel so overpowered, feel free to complete Rift without armour, with lvl.15 weapons, with only 1 skill in one trait tree and alone. Or limit yourself to one tier 1 essence. Others want slotted armour to be replaced with crafted non-slotted one. Why don’t they go with lvl.5 armour themselves? Yet another bunch of geniuses are supporting super-heavy RP name policy. Target is very clear: eliminate all new “migrants” from other servers. Initially, ones with really non-lore names (like “Interceptor”). Then, ones like me. Finally, ones they simply dislike. Result: server with some 20-100 players, all purists.

I have no doubt: Turbine won’t listen to players about improving the game. But they will surely introduce anything that has little sense, though much grind. Now it is flowers, later it could be Nazgul droppings. Or cleaning Gandalf’s pants.

However, bad news aside – I finally have things to do. Grind reputation (task items, kind trolls provide me with them), grind reputation items, then grind Featured instance.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.