Lord of the rings online

Our Kinship had low-level run event (Saturday) and non-scaling Lothlorien instance run event (Sunday).

My Vytautaz was really happy with the runs. We ran Dar Narbugud, Nala dum, Lumul nar. I used 3 slayer deed accelerators and finished many deeds. We ran, we joked, we were victorious. Dar Narbugud offered 2 starlit crystals: nice loot for someone who needs to increase LI power.

We also ran Watcher with kinnies – managed to finish “Arms of the Watcher” simple deed, advanced one awaiting.

I also finished Urugarth, receiving “Usurper of Urugarth” title. Usurper, heh? No need to usurp this grumpy fortress, just give me TPs.  Was happy enough to aid one group of lower levels. Moria instances remain “in reserve” right now. Anyway, would need Dar Narbugud for Orcs, then – Lothlorien’s Nala dum and Lumul Nar for slayer deeds.

Stormsong started to grind Rohirrim reputation items. One kind player told me what monsters drop them, I managed to locate them. Drops are “so-so”, not too fast, but I will grind for Ithilien essences. Initially I thought it was a failure: monsters refused to drop. Later, situation improved. Besides, monsters drop Rohirrim task items, so that I gain double profit. Bad thing – had to purchase additional milestone to be able to recall to lame Rohirrim camp.

In short, weekend was very good and really effective. I am having fun, getting TPs and advancing my virtues. Soon, I would be able to enter grumpy Gondor (and end my adventures at Ostgiliath).