Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. First, ran 16th hall to loot last sopre from The Lost One. En route managed to kill local fauna, ask for some high lvl to aid in killing Lost One. My friend told me not to use dps (why? I don’t care about challenge, just give me spores). With this, I finished deed and got 10 Turbine points.

And then I had nothing to do. Morrovals in Carn Dum – probably on cool down. Orc of Urugarth – too much running, too little Orcs. Skumfil, The Watcher – need serious company. Yes, I could run lizards and morrovals in Nala-Dum and Lumul-Nar.

We have an event, North Ithilien one. Turbine made decision to (temporaly) increase some non-rare flora. Players report they are given 2 phials from each. In short, garbage flora for garbage phials is increase. The wise decision could have been to fix Amber drop rate. But this is Turbine with its philosophy – “the worse, the better”. I would not expect them to fix Amber drop ratio. I would not expect them to do anything to make players’ life better. Oh, come on, grind 500 plants, then another 500 plants, then 5000 plants – that’s cool, that’s a freaking end-game!

Update 19.2 is rumoured to have new jewellery, worth 500 non-rare essences. Huge grind ahead and almost nowhere to get essences. I need either tons of gold or 200% luck. I have neither.

And so the day has ended: grey, unimpressive in Lotro.