Lord of the rings online

Stormsong had almost nothing to do.

Vytautaz did Forgotten Treasury, then ran into group preparing for Sixteenth Hall. 16th hall was done quickly: there were 2 big guys (me and another player), so – plenty of dps. Managed to die one time, in the middle of enemies, trying to shing-shing them all. Fortunately, our Minstrel resurrected. Was lucky to finish one Zeal deed this way.

Next, helped one returning player with quest to kill Nagas, one really bad monster near Snowden. We fought our way to mob, then dealth with him. Was killed once, returned to fight, but was killed second time…so remaining hps had to be done by other player. Finally, we were victorious. Quest finished, LI xp gained.

Then, had to run Nala-dum and Lumul-Nar, killing morrovals and lizards. A bit boring, but these I must finish. At least for TPs, if not for “virtues”.

I will fight in these instances, as much as I can solo. Then, with the help of Kinship, would finish almost everything.

And only then – move to hte land I dislike most: Gondor.