Lord of the rings online

No Featured instance runs (it’s raid and it’s hard, why bother?).

Vytautas tried Carn Dum, no results. Only 3-4 morrovals. I finished killing enemies in The Forgotten Treasury, finished Forges of Khazad Dum. Yesterday 2 of our Kin officers helped me with Evendim deed “Leaders of the invasion (advanced)”. 5 enemies killed on lvl.40, deed done, virtue increased.

My Vytautas now grinds Turbine points and prepares for hard Gondor part. By the time I enter Paths of the dead, I should have virtues maxed, lvl.100 essences and armour ready.

Meanwhile Kinship plans instances weekend. Good for me, could do some killings and get more TPs.

Stormsong helped one player with Weathertop epic quest. I just nuked things and quest was done.  Vytautaz aided one lvl.30+ group in Great Barrows. Things went good, just group members were outrunning me and thus getting into troubles. But we won and only that matters.

I wish I could post somewhere so that everyone (in lower lvl groups) reads:
1) let me run first
2) in case I ask – tell where to go
3) communicate: tell me about side quests you need etc.
3) please loot lootboxes, you need them first
4) if you die while i am Minstrel – do not retreat, let me finish that mob and resurrect you. We, Minstrels, like that.

World chat was too much alive, discussing Communism, better leader for Middle Earth (Saruman for the win, he’s the wise and progressive!), trolling some players.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro.