Lord of the rings online

This week’s Featured instance is Ost Dunhoth, some wing. A raid, 12-man one. Naturally, there were many advertisings (“OD FI, 6/12”) and too little players willing to run. Relatively many reports on wiped/failed raids.

I did not participate, PC will lag heavily and even if there’s a victory, it’s not worth the reward, 10 gold worth Anfalas scroll and 1 trash essence. Discussed my views with kinnies/

Vytautaz did some Moria instance runs. Killed mobs in Treasury of Khazad Dum, slaughtered some orcs in the Forges of Khazad Dum. One kind player has shown me how to grind morrovals in Carn Dum.

Strangely enough, first time I killed >20 of these winged girls. Second time (after fighting in Treasury), I met only 2 and noticed that some mobs were lacking. Well, would try today.

My goals right now: Orcs of Urugarth (61/160); Morroval in Carn dum (some 31/60), Orcs in Forges (almost 30% done). Also, need some really grindy deeds: Morroval in Lumul Nar, lizards in Nala dum, all deeds in Dar Narbugud, Sixteenth Hall…

Overall, having more time means having more will to grind instances. Life is not so bad in Lotro after all.