Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did daily instances, looting Anfalas scrolls (drop rate reduced) and trash essences. Got zero usefull essences: only ones of Parrying, Blocking, Agility and in rare cases – Morale. Except Morale, deleting them all.

Vytautas was really helped and busy. I am starting to upgrade existing virtues and doing deeds. One moment I found out I missed almost all Moria deeds. Then, it started: Forges of Khazad Dum, 16th Hall, Halls of Crafting, Dark Delvings…Kinship did one big run and I really advanced many things. We ran from one instance to another and only night time forced me to leave. This was just great and helpfull. I  got TPs, I got my slayer deeds advanced.

Of course, now I am doing all deeds I could solo. Barad Gularan, Forges of Khazad Dum, Urugarth and some others. Still having problems with Morrovals in Carn Dum – cannot find a way to them (i.e. can’t recall how to go in this maze). Being red line Champion really helps with Killing Spree:I kill, I get my health restored. From time to time it saved my life.

Stormsong managed to help some players, including Fall of Mordirith instance. Quite good I could be of some aid. Ahelissa managed to make one bridle (medium, lvl.100).

And so weekend has ended, I was overwhelmed with instances and deeds to be done – life is once again great in Lotro.