Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, received almost no quality loot. Yes, Anfalas scrolls drop, they are used by Naktieskarys, hoarded by Vytautaz…but nothing more. Others get nice stuff, just not me. Had some talk with kinnies: they keep telling some Nemesis elite monsters in Far Anorien may drop reputation item and I could exchange into essences. First of all, it’s super-elites, they would three-shot me. Sorry, not an option, my only option is to farm Featured instances.

Got one lootbox. Destroyed. I am not going to play with them – they sell bad, one has to lower prices some 5-6 times (!) to have a chance. And if I open, I got trash.

In chat, I found my Hobbit-Minstrel looking for aid in Angmar. My good jumper-hobbit, whom I called “Hobbit Paratrooper”. Unfortunately for me, had to go for some food, returned one hour later…and nobody needing help. A pity, I was willing to aid.

Naktieskarys did one featured instance run, got only Anfalas scrolls. They are usefull, though.

Ahelissa used all crafting boosts to reach top level in tailoring. Basically working withhides-shavings-hides.

I enjoyed this day in Lotro. Everything went good, the only thing I forgot was Vytautaz. Iobar’s Peak is not so bad, but essence problem does remain unsolved.