Lord of the rings online

Stormsong: 2 dailies, only two Anfalas scrolls and trash essences.

Naktieskarys did 1 daily run – 2 good tier 7 and tier 8 essences, few Anfalas scrolls. My AoE champion is really good there, though advancing is really slow.

Vytautaz finally got full run of Carn Dum. Two kinnies helped, including 1 Minstrel. As always, Champion can’t compete with Minstrel: mini just nukes everything before I could reach monster.

Fight was great, we just killed everything, visited every single corner, sometimes doing selfies in nice places. A selfie with red-robed cargul, then maybe – with some half-dressed batgirl and finally – a balcony of Witch Lord with a nice view on Carn Dum. Finally, we reached Mr. Mordirith, killed it.

Run was done. I had many deeds bestowed and finished, gained many Turbine points, got access to all gates, looted valuable Universal Solvent. Now, all that remains are simple, soloable slayer deeds.

I really liked this run. Quick, effective, just nice. That’s the way our Kinship runs are always like.

Of course, there are still some runs left, be it Carn Dum or Urugarth or Dar Narbugud. As one person said – “all in due time, my apprentice, all in due time…”.

And so the day has ended – good and effective in Lotro.