Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz spend a day farming Barad Gularan. One slayer deed finished, another one await (too little Angmarim there, even with accelerator!). Asked about Carn Dum, but there were so many other activity ir Kin – too many to run it 1 or 2 times.

Naktieskarys farmed Warg Pens with Warden and Minstrel. Farming was nice, reached lvl.103 – so am only 2 levels short. Then – big grind of flowers would happen. However, in Warg Pens I was effective: could do my favourite AoE and my fellows told I was good with my setup. Finally, some optimism for my champ! Featured instance run was quick, but loot was only 3 Anfalas scrolls + 1 unusefull essence. Well, scrolls are good, since I will need lots of them.

Stormsong farmed featured instance, deposited Anfalas scrolls (which would be shared between Vytautaz and Naktieskarys). Later, noticed one player was selling Fate III tome. One I need, one I never noticed on auction. Asked for price – no answer. Sent private message – received tell price was 300 gold. Ok, bought it…only to see there was an turmoil in World chat about seller. Not too good she did not answer, but…Now, my Minstrel is stronger, on her way to becoming something good in battle.

Tried to help one player – no results, instance was bugged for him, so I had to log off.

I have to work on Vytautaz’ virtues. Grind every deed that increases them. Then – finish all deeds I can on Storm and Naktieskarys (especially TP-giving ones). ANd of course, grind every single Turbine point, I will need them one day for essences and vault space.