Lord of the rings online

Who told all the days need to be empty and grinding in the name of grind? No, no, not me, not my Grumpy Dwarf.

Stormsong was quite happy. First, two featured instance runs. This week – Iobar’s Peak. Yes, same mountain with mobs to kill, dps to use, heals to [almost] ignore and worst parent in the world – local Eagle. Come on, you lazy bird, you are mighty, you could save your egg. Or at least do not leave it at ther mercy of giants.

Anyway, we ran. I gained little loot – some Anfalas scrolls, Morale essences. Later, I was able to aid one player. Hobbit, lvl.46 Minstrel stuck in grumpy Angmar.

I went there and then we began. Hobbit was very friendly, into light roleplay, so  we chatted about World events. She used to jump from always every cliff, we joked about “Hobbit paratroops” and alike. Yes, we had to slaughter some monsters. Later she needed to go to the Rift.

The Rift. Full raid, hard content, where lvl.105s can be wiped and my heals sometimes did not save the NPC. I asked my Hobbit to flee to safety, then rode to The Rift. Discovered local stables, lots of elite monsters around…and summoned Hobbit Minstrel. She saw that this was raid content, but all I could aid her – was to wish her Kinship could help.

Leaving Rift, we did some Orc, bugs and leeches slaying. Then, it was midnight and I had to leave. I really wish the best for this kind role-playing friendly Hobbit Minstrel.

Naktieskarys: one featured instance run with fellow Lithuanian player and one English-speeking. Loot – only one Anfalas scroll. Anyayw, folks really aided me with my lvl.101 toon.

Some talks with Kinship about gold inflow – yet no logical solution. Random things may be random (lootboxes), they do not provide guaranteed steady income.

I left game quite satisfied. Everything is going really good in Lotro.