Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did daily runs, got some not-too-usefull essences, Anfalas scrolls and LI runes. Nothing special, other keep getting really rare and cool items. Other, as always – not me, never me.

I also did some runs in Bara Gularan and Forges of Tham Mirdain. Deeds finished, Turbine point earned. Very easy for ranged AoE class.

Managed to help some players. In Garth Agarwen I wask asked to heal (at final stage), not to dps. Ok, I used my lame heals (dps line, green mode) to keep company alive.

Vytautaz does Barad Gularan, Car Dum deeds to increase virtues and earn TPs. Things are going slowly, he’s single-target DPS with no self-heals. Barad Gularan is bad, sometimes I am on the verge of death there.

My new TP grinding toon (as always, Human minstrel) made 1 quick run. 110 Turbine points + used Mathom armour (which kept using my shared storage). Only starter areas were ones of competition. I had to outperform Champion and Hunter. Well, only Hunter could be my opponent. Later, with Crabain, one lvl.16 Minstrel was my competitor. Lucky me, needed only 8 crabains…

Now I have 1154 Turbine with a will to grind more, just in case Turbine makes some “a la carte” discounts. I must be ready, one day I should level up my toon to lvl.20 and use reputation items (+100 Turbine points).

And so weekend has ended – quite good and effective in Lotro.