Lord of the rings online

We had Black Friday sales. Almost all sales some 75% discount – for cash store. Thosw who wish had the really good opportunity to save some $. However, TP store had only Gift of Valar discounted. My hopes that they make something cool – were broken.

Vytautaz did some instance runs. Nothing interesting, just pure slaughter.

Stormsong participated in Featured instance runs. This time I was lucky: we just needed to direct all dps into Cauldron. And then it’s over. Loot was not impressive (few silver worth Essence of Blocking; 1 Anfalas scroll). Then, managed to help some players, incluidng one run in Limlight Gorge.

This one was interesting. Lvl.70 Hunter, lvl.99 Hunter and me, lvl. 105 Minstrel. We did some quests, I had to use protective shield and resurrection on my lvl.70 colleague few times. Result – some quests done.

Things are starting to be quite good in Lotro (again). If I am into “box runs” again – My Vytautaz would be reay for end-game.