Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Did few Carn Dum runs, killed some stuff. Nothing too interesting, only advancing those deeds that increase my equipped “virtues”.

Stormsong helped some players: 1 in Northo Downs to kill some Orcs. My colleague was too impatient, ran ahead of me and died once. I warned him not to run ahead (let me AoE anything). We killed one mob, I started ND treasure cache deed, then I somehow killed 2 more mobs…things done. Helped one alt of kinnie, then one person to kill Dragon in Urugarth.

Some kind player linked lvl.100 crafted Champion armour and Dol Amroth one. Crafted rules. Dol Amroth armour is in fact needed only for cosmetic reasons.

There was almost no activity on server (featured instance aside). Everyone awaits Black friday, which can mean only one:time to over-grind TPs.