Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was looming for Featured instance. Northcotton farm, yes. Found a group: Guardian, Warden and my Minstrel. All had almost no experience with lvl.100/105 Farm.

First run – lvl.105. Up to Thadur everything went good. I dps’ed, Warden did almost everything (ranged, melee, heals…you know, like all Wardens do). Finally, cauldron. I was tasked with slapping Hobbits (and decided to heal allies). For some reason took one Bucket, started slapping lame Hobbitses.

And then got poisons everywherem, could not use heals, only health potions. Was killed, retreated, ran back, noticed Thadur was killed…and I got no loot. I searched the place – no chest, nothing clickable. I was just screwed.

Left group. Stood in Bree. There was no point in flower picking. Have 125 sapphires instead of current 25? or have, say, 10,000 verdan instead of 1000? No point, except big numbers. Nobody needed help, just one player needed lvl.100 First age burglar sword.

To make things worse, someone was selling Ithilien essences. I asked, where he got spare ones. Featured instances, drop -according to player – some 1 of 20. I did more and only once witnessed them.

The day has ended with really bad mood: Northcotton is not for me, it is just bugged for me and my toon is not ready. I need at least 160,000 health and heavy armour, with heals healing at least 50% of health on 1-5 seconds cooldown.

Entire week of doing nothing. Standing in Bree. Chatting about “Brexit raid” and asking if no one needs aid. That’s the real end-game now.

And so the dayhas ended, sad and empty, useless one in Lotro.