Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Did daily quests, looted Anfalas scrolls, now preserving them for either Vytautaz or Naktieskarys. Essences drop, but little of usefull ones. No tome drops. One time managed to die when faced some group of mobs. Many times I aided group with heals and resurrections. And that in very lame mode (red trait line, green mode). At least some use from me – maybe also from my ranged AoE nukes.

Flower grind goes bad. Sapphire drops, mostly from bell-o-dales. Amber has almost zero drop rate. Since jewellery purchase, managed to find only 2 Ambers. Which means, they are almost taken off from Lotro. It does not hurt my strategy “quantity over quality” – as long as I manage to grind “non-rare” flowers, it’s ok.

Managed to sell one status tome and buy 3 solvents. One day I will need them. Meanwhile, trying to calculate me setup, but there are complications. I can enhance Morale (up to ~20.000), Tactical Mastery (to some 50,000) and a bit of Mitigations with Will (not so much)…but not all of them. Have to decide what to do. Lotro forums are of zero use,  I won’t use them for anything.

Helped one player with power-levelling (Warg pens), he reached lvl.76, asked for “few levels more”, I declined. Had other stuff to do than opwer-levell others. Lucky for me, nobody was trolling/flaming my question.

XindiC, my new TP grind toon, started more advanced TP grind. First hunt was lame: I was at lake near Celondim with lvl.16 and lvl.105 hunting. Lvl.16 was soloer, champion: little competition to me. Lvl.105 – I was angry on him. What he had to do there, in noobie quest/deed area? He just spoiled life for others. Later I used accelerator, quickly finishing Goblin, Spider deeds and basic Crabain. Then – Dourhands and Crabain adv. Visiting last exploration places, returning to Archet for spiders, deeds done. 110 done really quickly with income of some 500 silver, tome of xp, slayer deed accelerator (30 minutes) and ride token. I have some 930 Turbine points and would grind for more. Just in case they offer some nice sale.

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro.