Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, got no-nice loot and grinded flowers. Amber has zero drop chance, Sapphire is rare. What’s the use of Sapphire when you don’t have Amber? Players are suggesting wise solutions on official forums. Of course, these solutions are not going to happen. Just because they are wise and make gameplay better. Offer something that worsens gameplay and you will be heared.

As usually, I offer help to anyone needing it. Standard question in World – “Anybody needs helpw ith questing?”. One player asked for help in Eregion, to kill wood troll. We went and killed, two minstrels.

And the World chat was burning with trolling. One player told me – “Thanks, Storm, but I like to play my game, not you play my game for me”. Others told him ‘ u are rude”, he defended, then flaming and trolling began. Almost every player in World chat participated in this senseless discusion. Of course, I was one to blame, because I offered help.

I kept silent. People noticed that, but I did remain silent. A pity, there are almost no moderators in chat to make some order. I missed them when folks got into heated debates about President Donald Trump. Now, there was a flaming/trolling. I kept silent all the time and finally turned world chat off.

Later that player who told me he wants to play his own game tried to imitate apologising. Attempt failed, I ignored this “apologise” as well.

My dear Lotro trolls – you can troll me as mucha s you wish. I just want you to know: I won’t be trolled. I won’t respond, I will leave you with your pathetic attempts. All your attempts will fail, pleae note that.

And so the day has ended. Not too effective, but still half-good in Lotro.