Lord of the rings online

We had downtime, “scheduled maintenance”, almost all day.

Stormsong did daily box runs, got some un-impressive essences (thanks God, these drop again!). I have 100 scrolls in my vault, then some 30 in shared vault. But would grind for more, just in case.

Talked with kinnies about flower armour setup. Opinions differ. One kinnie proposed one setup, other kinnie – another. Difference is some 5000 Critical defense,  when I do lack free essence. I can choose only one status from 3 – so am a bit lost.

No flower picking today. Not in mood + folks told about some competition.

Vytautaz logged in, saw lots of deeds in Evendim, Angmar, instances…and became frightened. Need to do this but very little will to grind monsters. Got into one Carn Dum run, but the fight was problematic. Some monsters reflected damage, nobody had resurrection, so our fight was problematic. At the midnight I had to retreat. A pity to abandon group, but I had to.

Now, it is time to move to Vytautaz (jeez, finish those deeds! Free TP!) and TP grinding alts. After that – one big purchase at store and essence crafting. Then, maybe – bringing Vytautaz to Gondor and quickly finishing all content there. I know where he would stop and never progress further:at Ostgiliath.