Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. Did two Featured instance runs – both succesfull, essences finally started to drop. Not ones I need, but glad they do drop. After all, if I have useless Parry or Critical defense essence, i may exchange it to something usefull. Anfalas scrolls are of lesser importance – already have 100 for Stormsong. What I do lack for her are Anfalas crystals.

Speaking about loot – one player got North Ithilien essence box from Featured instance. I try to keep calm. If there is quality loot, it would never be for me, that’s how Turbine’s RNG works.

Helped one player with Dourhand leader in Forochel. For me, it was a question of few AoE attacks. After all, lvl.105 Minstrel versus lvl.50s  melee mob –> Minstrel wins even without armour… And this was the same player I helped with Carn Dum. Well, glad to aid someone and one day he would protect me in some hard raid: Warden is universal class, both melee and ranged, healer and dps and also tank. Player told me he must invite me for dinner. Well, all I need in such cases is summoning (travelling may take too long).

Crafted Loremaster’s lvl.100 book for another player…and managed to purchase sone of essences I need, really cheap. My tries to sell/barter Tome of Agility IX are useless – nobody wants it. Nobody buys it for 200 gold, nobody tells in World a market value of this.

Flower grind was bit slow – only 1 sapphire. As usual, no Ambers.

I noticed I had many Instance deeds to be finished and gain TPs. Perhabs one day I would have to run these. ANd torture kinnies with questions about flower armour and essences. I have some free slots, but these are not enough to be a good Minstrel – from Tactical Mastery, mitigations, Morale, Will – I must choose one. Not all (or have armour with, say, 8 slots…)

And so the day has ended – almost good in Lotro, bad in real life.