Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active, though had little time.

New Featured instance is Haudth Valandil (HV). One with evil limfavrns that reflect damage. Did 2 runs on Minstrel and once was asked to be healer. I performed mostly good. Spammed all 4 AoE heals, sometimes aiding with single-target ones. Resurrected few times and stilll am not easy: people died on my watch. Was I bad Minstrel then? Nevertherless, runs were good, I looted some Major essences. Not ones I needed, but at least got them. Scrolls of empowerement too, have nearly 100 of them in my vault: next update won’t catch me off-guard.

Was happy to aid one Warden with Carn Dum. He needed to locate one guy there. We went, killed and only in the middle of fights I noticed my friend was with xp disabler. He wasn’t powerlevelling. So, we killed everything we met, I finished few deeds (+10 TPs? Nice). We finished entire Carn Dum…yet did not find that guy. Realised it when same Warden asked for help again. Sorry, had too little will to do full run one more time (and resurrect him again: my Warden ran ahead of me when he should have let me do ranged AoE).

And then there were flowers, some competition there with almost zero sapphires. However, flowers are new end-game now.

Turbine forum is full of feedback on flowers. Nobody likes them, save one person. People are proposing wise things, like just make stuff like “armour is for 100 suich flowers and 100 such flowers”. But Turbine won’t listen, because these are wise proposals that eliminate rng.

However, my questing in Lotro is going really good. Flowers are nonsense, but they make some activity (ride-pick-ride, avoid mob-kill-mob-ride-pick-repeat). Occasionally helping others is very good. And TP grinding would be really fast (some 40-50 minutes in Ered Luin with some in Bree) for 110 TPs.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.