Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did featured instances, as we call them – box runs. Finally, essences started to drop. Not quite ones I needed, so had to purchase. And one time I even got Universal Solvent. Good, I would have less TP/gold to spend.

Grinding flowers, Amber being the most rare thing. Sometimes having competition with other players, sometimes not.

Finally, bartered new jewellery. As one kinnie suggested, I am leaving 3 items to keep my heals – others would be replaced and I need really good calculations about essences. The fact is, Critical rating essences almost won’t be needed (or I will need 1). What I really need is Tactical Mastery, Morale and Will.

One time ran Ost Elendlil, lvl.105. Absolutely nothing that could be called loot. Vendor trash and only one Anfalas crystal. Lame.

Helped other players from time to time, nothing too special.

My TP grinders started really effective grinds. I rush to Ered Luin, finish wolf-goblin slayer deeds, then start slayer and skill deed accelerator. Crabain slayer (simple), then spider slayer, finishing Elf ruins exploration, dourhand slayer (simple/adv.), finishing hendroval slayer, finishing exporing Dourhands and places of Dwarves. Recall to Bree, slay spiders (Archet for the win!).

This way I have 804 Turbine points. Each toon gives me ~500 silver and some good things to shared vault (free ride token, slayer deed acc., experience tome).

Now, my path is clear: grind flowers and coins, wait for discounts, then calculate things and finish my new equipment.