Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did both featured instance runs, looting only 2 Anfalas scrolls and Long-lost coins. I.e. there was no loot at all. Flower picking ended in some 2 or 3 sapphires, no amber and lots of “non-rare” flowers. There was some competition, but not too huge.

XinderborA, my new TP grinder, did some slayer deeds: Ered Luin wolf and Goblin slayier deeds (simple and adv.), as well as deed to reach lvl.10.

And here is my another recipe for quick TP grind.

1. Introduction, finish as soon as possible
2. Combe (bind to milestone)–>Bree–>Celondim
3. Wolf slayer simple, wolf slayer advanced –>15 TP
4. Accepting and finishing local quests to collect timber and kill wolves: some nice hat
5. Goblin slayer, Goblin slayer adv. –>15 TPs
6.Reaching lvl. 10 –> 5 TP
7. Craban slayer (simple) –>5 TP
8. Using slayer and skill deed accelerator (1,5 hours). Exploring the last point of Elf Ruins
9. Spider slayer, simple and advanced –>15 TP
10. Kheledul: hendroval slayer advanced –>10 TP
11. Kheledul: dourhand slayer simple, advanced –>15 TP
12. Explore 2 remaining Dourhand camps.
13. Ride to Gondamon, then Noglond, finishing exloring Places of Dwarves
13a. Congratulations, you explored Elf ruins ( TP), Places of Dwarves (5 TPs) and Doruhands (5 TPs)
14.Teleport to Combe. Ride to swamp
15. Spider slayer, spider slayer adv., neeker slayer, neeker slayer adv., sickle fly slayer –> 35 TPs
16. If there is still some time left – using it to finish some class deeds (X skill to use NN times).
17. Some 150 Tps gained without much trouble. Selling stuff, deleting toon.

I will finish this run today and probably will start another one. Need those pesky Turbine points.

Besides: on forums everyone is against flower system. Nobody defends it, everyone is annoyed, soloers and raiders. But they make big mistake thinking someone will listen. Never going to happen, Turbine does not listen to anyone but fanboys.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.